Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cotton Face Scrubbies & Washcloths by Only Ollie

All Face Scrubbies

Lemon Lime Washclothes

Check out my ETSY for all the fun!


guurrrl said...

I love the scrubbie Atasha made me for Christmas. They are so great for the skin! Love your bright colors.

Atasha said...

I love the green, yellow and white ones. I tried making some last night and had to put the yarn down LOL
Thanks Gail. I love my scrubbie too. I wish everyone would give them a try regardless of where they buy it from, you know! I feel so much cleaner with it as opposed to using those boring wash cloths. My kids use them too and love it!

Supermom said...

ATASHA!!!! You're the one that made them!! I couldn't remember!!!!

SWEET!!! I was bored in bed sick and I wanted to crochet something small. So I did.

Then my friend in Wisconsin wanted dishcloths so I crocheted some of those up!

Atasha said...

Yep it was me LOL. I have a bunch to list in the shop too but my lazy behind can't get it together.
You're right! They're perfect for those days you just want to do a small project.