Thursday, March 4, 2010

173 - the CA-YOU-TIST litte bubble dress :)

LOL~ I found this poofy sleeve 80s sweater at goodwill and look what a fabulous little bubble dress is made - the body and the sleeves are bubble-fied and i cant wait to see this on someone! YAY!
also i made my Nacho Supremo for dinner and it was D-Lish! SMOOCHES!


Atasha said...

Haha "bubblefied". Can I just tell you that I tried to make one for my youngest last week and it ended up in the trash LOL. It looked nothing like yours. You're so cool :-)

guurrrl said...

I love the stripes. It reminds me of this sweater I had from the Gap early 90's :) xoxoxo too cute!!! YUM the nachos look so good.

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

Gail - it may be your! did you take it to goodwill years ago and now it surfaced?
Atasha you totally ROCK babe! Im glad your back in the saddle - we missed your posts! XO

guurrrl said...

So funny because I really did before I moved to Louisville. Also a light yellow and heather grey and a navy and cream, ROFL