Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 6? Wow Am I ever late

Hello all!  It's been a rough few weeks trying to get things back on track.  I'd like to share that I have my own sewing room in the new house YIPPEE.  So here I go, my most recent creations as of last night/early am ;-)

These Burpies were made earlier ;-)

This Chenille lined Burpie was her freebie.  She scored on this one.  I wanted to test that train design

I really need to order some more tags but the place I used to get them from no longer does them.  I've been making my own for about a month.  It's awful.  Embroidering them on Twill tape.  Check out the last photo.  While I think it looks okay, it's too much of a pain.  SO any suggestions would be welcomed.  Thanks.

I'm going to try to catch up on what everyone's been creating!


guurrrl said...

You have been a busy, busy, busy BEE !!!! I've missed you xoxoxo