Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winners of the 365 Days Creation Challenge GIVEAWAY

First of all we want to thank everyone who follows our blog and who entered the giveaways. It was so much fun to read the comments and to see what you enjoy about our creations. Thank you for the birthday wishes and for sharing some of your stories! We hope that you continue to enjoy our creations and that you consider joining us and sharing your creative energy! :)

Giveaway #1 An Orange Frosted Cupcake Retractable Measuring Tape
The winner is.....

Susan's comment, "I love the post where you made the kimonos! So nice."

Giveaway #2 Custom Item from Candy Stick Lane or the Jump Off
And the winner is...

Snowflake07's comment, "From the Jump Off, my favorite is, "NEW for 2010 Rewound Sweater Dresses The New Hottness". I like that because it looks comfy and I love that it's recycled."

Giveaway #3 Only Ollie Tea Set
the winner is...

Matthew's comment, "My name is Matt and I am a stay at home Dad and am always looking for great ways to spend time with my kids. My daughter and I do many crafts together and also have had quite a few tea parties in our time. This is such a cute tea set I know that she would love sharing a spot of tea with her Dad using the Only Ollie Tea Set".

Giveaway #4 Treats for Your Sweets / Sexy Girl Checkbook Cover
the winner is....

Rebecca's comment, "Follow via GFC"

Giveaway #5 Guurrrl's Autumn Bracelet

and the winner is.....

Matthew's comment, "I showed my daughter this bracelet the other day she just loved it. The words that came from her 7 year old mouth was, "That would look perfect on me for Autumn." She doesn't say fall like I do. LOL!"

Giveaway #6 Garment from CSL / The Jump Off
and the winner is...

Keisha's comment, "My favorite design is the Pink Floyd dress...and the Beatles skirt...I also love the NY dress"

Giveaway #7 Treats for Your Sweets / Sexy Girl Key Fob
the winner is...................

Terri's comment, "The I love Mom Tattoo Applique body suit is so pretty"


.......(dah, daaaaaaaaa, dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)




Jess's Comment, " I love the colors in the rewound sweater dress from the Jump Off great fun colors!"

Congratulations everyone!

I (Guurrrl) will be sending out e-mail's to the winners requesting mailing information. You will also be receiving e-mails from the other 365 participants requesting information needed to complete custom garments and address information needed for shipping, shop credits or gift certificates.

Thank You!!!! :)

**If e-mail requests for information are not answered within 48 hours we will choose another entry at random** Winners were chosen using a random number generator at random.org. Duplicate comments were not used and comments without e-mail addresses were not used unless they could be found on Blogger profile.