Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 231 & 232 Flower Clips for my store

Finally took a break and got these ready for my pathethis treatsforyoursweets store.  I'm not sure why I stopped stocking them because they sold really well.  Hoping these do the same.

Now back to the wholesale order

I also made this for Ashleigh.  I can't tell you how long I've had this piece of ladybug cloth


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

YAY~! They are gorgeous! AND i got my checkbook cover yesterday IT ROCKS!!! My camera died but as soon as I get another one ill post pics - i put my checkbook cover on while i as still at the mail box! i LOVE it! thank you SO much!

guurrrl said...

The ladybug dress is adorable!!!!!